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Giving Back Through Dance

We are a group of young dancers coming together to provide

group dance instructions and dance performance services for communities in need. 


5 Reasons Why Dancing is Good for Children (and Adults!)

  1. Improve flexibility, posturephysical strength and stamina.

  2. Encourage discipline and focus

  3. Foster positive attitude, build confidence and establish self-esteem.

  4. Learn to respectfully help each other and work as a team.

  5. Make friends and have fun!

In Dance a Difference, we share our love and benefits of dancing to anyone who’s interested and we  believe that everyone should have an opportunity to learn and explore the various life skills through dancing regardless of resources. 

Fundraising for a new dementia center in San Franisco

How you can help

Donation - All donations are used to support our operation such as dance supplies purchases that benefit our students, travel costs, facilities rentals, etc. Any amount is appreciated!


Sponsorship - Become our Sponsor with donation at or above $300


Spread the words - Refer us to schools and organizations you know that could benefit from our free classes and dance performances.

Paypal Donation Payment:

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*Dance a Difference is not yet a 501 non profit organization. Application pending 

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