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Our Team

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Lead Dancer, Instructor and Founder



Jaslyn, 14, has been dancing since she was 5 years old, She's trained in ballet, contemporary, and ballroom. She loves all 3 dance styles and has been competing and performing nationally.  Her accomplishments include - placing Top 3 for classical ballet and contemporary dance at the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) San Francisco ballet competition and California Dance Classics 5 years in a row from 2019 and 2023. She has been a finalist at YAGP World Finals last 5 years. In ballroom dancing, she is a finalist in the 2022 US Amateur National DanceSport Championship.

Among all the performances, her most memorable ones were those where she danced for great causes, including a fundraising event benefiting a new San Francisco dementia center for the Onlok Senior Center in Chinatown, Boys and Girls Club, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.


As her love of dancing, accomplishments and experience accumulate, her desire to spread the joy and benefits of dancing has also grown.  Thus the founding of Dance-A-Difference - with a mission to work with other young dancers to inspire and help others, especially children and youth, in need and to give back to the society through the beautiful art form of dance. 

Dancer, Instructor



Dancer, Instructor



Jake is 16 years old and his journey in the world of dance started when he was 7.  Moving from New Jersey to the Bay Area, his ballroom partnership with Jaslyn started in 2021.  They are national finalists in the US National Amateur Dancesport Championship and won 2nd place at the Best of the Best show dance competition at Ohio Star Ball in 2022.


Besides dancing, Jake is also an avid athlete at his school's track team.  He is very excited to join the Dance-a-Difference team to share with others the fun and discipline of dancing!

Matthew is 16 years old and his journey in the world of dance started with a ballet class highly populated with girls.  While ballet didn’t quite make as much a life altering impact as expected, at age 6 1/2, he opted for a Ballroom Latin class and enjoyed it immensely. There, he found his niche on the dance floor!  Shortly after, the Standard dance styles (e.g. Waltz, Tango etc) were added to his curriculum.  His vibrant character on the floor enticed his coach to throw him into his first competition, International Grand Ball 2013, which resulted in his first partnership.  Along these years, Matthew continued with his ballet training at Marin Ballet and performed in their production of The Nutcracker for several years before taking a hiatus.  


Fast forward to present day, 15 years old and highly dedicated to ballroom, he continues his journey, dancing both Standard and Latin. He is very excited to join the Dance-a-Difference team to share with others the fun and discipline of dancing!

Dancer, Instructor


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Katie, 14, started ballet when she was 4 years old.  She's the silver medalist at California Dance Classic ballet competition in 2017 and the 2nd place winner in the Overseas Taoli Cup Eighth International Dance Competition in 2018. She and Katie were also the gold medalist in duet contemporary division in 2018 California Dance Classic.

Katie is very excited to join Dance-a-Difference to share the joy and benefits of ballet dancing!

Dancer, Instructor



Josie, 14. also started ballet when she was 4.  She's the gold medalist at California Dance Classic 2017,  She and Katie were the gold medalist in the duet contemporary division in California Dance Classics 2018.  

Together with Katie, Josie very much looks forward to working together with other Dance-a-Difference young members to contribute to our community with the joy of dancing!

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